Stillwater Cove Ranch



STILLWATER COVE RANCH is on Highway 1 in Sonoma County, California. We are located 16 miles north of Jenner, near Highway mile marker 37.3.

Take you favorite route to Highway 1 and:

If traveling from the north, we are 26 miles south of Gualala and 10 miles south of Stewarts Point/Skaggs Spring Road.  Approximately 1/2 mile south of Ocean Cove Store, watch for our gate and sign - we are on the east/left hand side of the road.

If traveling from the south, we are 32 miles north of Bodega Bay, 16 miles north of Jenner and 5 miles north of Fort Ross. Approximately 1/2 mile north of Timber Cove Inn, after the hairpin turn at Stillwater Cove Regional Park, our gate and sign are on the east/right side of the road.

Traveling time from the San Francisco Bay Area is approximately 3 hours.  From Sacramento it is about 3 1/2 hours.

Highway 1 is a scenic and popular road with beautiful ocean views and steep cliffs.  The curves are fun to drive and are enjoyed by many motorists and bicycle groups.  Please drive slowly and use turnouts.

The closest airport is located in Santa Rosa and is serviced by Alaska/Horizon Airlines.



22555 Highway 1

Jenner, CA   95450


Spring is lambing time.



If you are an "Old Boy" and attended school here between 1932-1961, and want to visit - contact us via USPS or email.

Please respect our privacy and don't visit without an appointment.

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